Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Let's see what happens if we put the cart first...

Now I know that I'm just a first year law student, but as many a 1L before me, I'm starting to notice some of the oddities of law school. For instance, we had our first WestLaw and Lexis training sessions today, and the reps were showing us how to use the various features. That's nice and everything, but the coolest features (including Brief It! ) are still off limits to us until we receive some kind of thorough training after Thanksgiving. I guess it doesn't really matter since we haven't had to do any real research yet, but it still seemed like a waste of time. Oh well, I'm sure in a few short months, I will be dying for a gratuitous time wasting class...

Tomorrow I have to get up super early and attend this breakfast at school before work...and then school. I signed up for this first year mentor program where they pair you with one of our school's alumni, and so tomorrow is the program kickoff. I'm looking forward to meeting my mentor- her name is Kristen, she's apparently really short (like me!), and she specializes in bankruptcy. Wish me luck :)

I started a little shawl from the Target novelty yarn and I can't believe how cool it looks! I don't have a picture to upload tonight, but I will try to take one tomorrow. The shawl requires four skeins of yarn, bringing the grand total cost to just $4. Woo hoo!

I also did a little more work on the Hoover blanket. I think our friend's baby will be getting his learner's permit before I finish...


  1. i'm short too!
    good luck with your mentor, and please post finished lelah pix. i agree, the "knitting yarn" label is kinda funny. i mean, as opposed to "cooking yarn" or "burglarizing yarn"?
    i've also always wanted to make the hoover blanket but don't like anyone enough to spend that much time.

  2. i was being overly ambitious when i started the hoover... i must have been temporarily insane

  3. Honestly, you will NEVER be happy about attending those LEXIS/Westlaw training sessions. Because by the time you are allowed to use it for research you will have so much work to do that a class on computer research will be way low on your list of priorities. However, you will be happy that you finally do not have to traipse around the library looking through books written in teeny-tiny print.

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