Thursday, September 01, 2005


Please click on the red cross link on the left side of the page and donate whatever you can spare to the hurricane victims. It doesn't have to be a lot of money- any sacrifice would help ease the suffering. Make your coffee at home tomorrow and donate the $3.50 you would have spent on Sbucks.

Thank you!!


  1. I like your points on Starbucks. Being an employee - particuallarly on teh upper east side of manhattan I am completely discusted by people's response - or lack there of.

    At work today - sorrounded by upper east side eccesss, i felt so bad, like at least maybe just in teh store we could get clothes together - it would take so little and mean so much - I left a note for my manager

    Seriously, where is starbucks even, after the tsunami - a day later - they had plastic cups out - here nothing! And this is our own country - our own people - Part of us.

    Can I just tell you how kinda and warm the people of New Orleans are? Can i just tell you how important the uper east siders are - they can't wait in line for coffee - they are brash and rude if you don't leave enough room in their coffe or forget a sleave. And my favorite comment of the day

    the stupid bitch - who i shit you not, could not stop laughing no exageration - for a minute, as she tried to explain to her freind - how she used to get her coffee from batton ruge, but, she (lucky her) didn't call to renew her order, so here she was buying coffee from starbucks.

    thats the closest i ever came to spitting in somonees drink...i guess i'm just not evil enough....

  2. I can't believe that lady said that. what is wrong with people??

    maybe she will be one of the people hanging out on trent lott's fabulous newly rebuilt porch with W while everyone else is struggling to survive.