Sunday, September 25, 2005


I am, unfortunately, in a foul mood right now. Earlier this week, I drove over some freshly painted lines on the road and the paint ended up all over the left side of my car. Black car + white lines = unhappy Kym. Today I tried to wash my car and apply that cleaner wax paste to try and remove the paint, but it didn't seem to work. It came off when I scraped at it with my finger nail, so I might try one of those little plastic blades. I really don't want to spend the money to get my car detailed, but I might just have to suck it up. :(

Here's some good news though:

In shopping news, the One Spot section of Target was selling these super cute novelty yarns. Each little skein is 90 yards and cost just $1.

If you look closely, you can see that the labels just say "Knitting Yarn"- for some reason, I found that hilarious.

In house news, Le Fiance installed some super cool french doors in our dining room:

This is very exciting- we had some really ugly sliding door that just didn't look right. The molding is going up as I write this- don't worry, we weren't going to leave those big raw gaps in the walls :)

And finally, in knitting news, I have almost finished the Lelah top. The only thing I have left to do is sew in the elastic (which they don't sell at Michael's. Who knew??) and attach the straps. I think I'm going to go with a satin ribbon. I held a brown one up to it last night and it looked really pretty.

The one thing that I found really weird about this project was how HEAVY the yarn is! I tried the top on and it weighs more than I thought it would. Good thing I decided to go with straps- there could have been a really embarassing incident...


  1. i miss target. we don't have target here :( but if we did, i'd be all over that "knitting yarn." target was my favorite store. it was like anything i bought there was that much better just because it was from target. walmart and k-mart just don't turn me on like target does...
    your lelah top looks loverly! great job! can't wait to see it complete w/ribbon, etc.

  2. There's no target in Hawaii?? that sucks!! i shop there for everything.

    thanks for the kind words! i will post pics sometime this week when i get a chance to go to JoAnn's.

  3. Looks like you did a good job on Lelah! How does it fit? How did you decide to attach the straps?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. To answer your question, "ease" is the amount of extra room you give yourself when you make a garment. For example, if your bust measures 36" and you want 1 inch of ease, your finished garment would be 37" in the bust. So in order to get 1 inch of ease, you'd just have to figure out the correct number of stitches in the bust area by multiplying out your bust measurement plus one inch of ease, or 37" in this case, by your gauge.

    Hope that helps...

  4. i've been scouring the internet, kym, and i simply cannot remember where i got those project indicators...!?!!? i'll keep looking & let you know when i find the link.
    btw, how many skeins of the caron simply soft did you use for your top?

  5. You probably have to have your car detailed. However, you may want to try goof off first and if that doesn't work, try acetate. Remember, acetate has very strong fumes so be sure to do it outside and wear gloves. try a small section of the car that isn't too visible first.

    When I was at gomez, this huge streak of paint and tar was smeared on the side of the gallery van. We used acetate and the stuff came right off. Although the van was white, it didn't look as if the primary car paint came off at all.

  6. what's acetate? is that the same as acetone?

    dude, i am so not into getting the car detailed. i hate the idea of having to pay some guy to clean my car. stupid line painter!!!!

  7. keohinani -

    the top only took 1 skein. i'm really short, so i used the fig and plum modifications. oh, and also, i did two rows of decreasing, instead of one. the first row i decreased after each column of lace and then did a row where i decreased before every column. it made the top pretty small so there is no worry of bunching when i put in the elastic.

  8. oops, I meant acetone. I've been sick and dehydrated since saturday so I was a bit out of it yesterday.