Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oh Clap!

I had to rip out the Clap :( I zoned out while working on it the other night and after a little while, it was just a bad scene. Le sigh. However, all is not lost-- since I have those two skeins of Shimmer yarn, I decided that I would make the Branching Out scarf instead. Let me tell you, I was not a huge fan of the leaf pattern in B.O., but because of the cool color variation of the yarn, you can't even discern the leaves. It just looks like the funkiest pink lace ever. I will post some pics when I get a chance.

The B.O. scarf is so much fun to do for two reasons: (1) it is my first lace project and all of the mistakes are invisible, and (2) it knits up so quickly. Each 10 row repeat is almost 2".

In non-knitting news-- I am so TIRED. I believe this is due to just one of my three classes- legal analysis. There is written work due for every class, which is frustrating because I want to be able to focus equally on all three classes. I know I'm being unrealistic and that I will figure out on which things to spend more and less time, etc... It's just more fun to read about cases than doing citation exercises. Kym v. Her Fatigue, 30 S.A.T.C. 1 (2005).


  1. I'm glad you started on the B.O.!!!
    I really think knitting lace is addictive! I'm also not a fan of the pattern in the colors on knitty but I love all the variations I have seen! I did mine in a really bright light blue! :)

    Plus once you finish it you will KNOW you can knit the lelah!

  2. I laughed so hard when I saw your citation.... how are your classes going otherwise the fatigue?


    Come now the Plaintiff, by and through their attorney Miko Mikkins and Baggi Baggins, state the following:

    1. The Plaintiff, Kym, is sleepy and needs a nap

    2. The Plaintiffs claims are true and meritorious

    Plaintiffs pray that this Honorable Court will let Kym sleep.

  4. Ooh, I can only begin to imagine how you must feel after a few weeks of law school. I fall asleep every time I serve jury duty, so I would have to think READING about the law would be a hundred times worse...

    As for BO, good job on finishing! I tried to do it in a lace weight variegated yarn, but I couldn't see the leaves at all, so I started over in mohair. I want to see your version so I can see how it turns out when everything's done and blocked!

  5. Ha- it's funny you should say that McSpaz, because jury duty would probably feel like a vacation right now. :)