Tuesday, August 23, 2005

no that's the jar- i'm talking about the tray...

Finally! Here is a photo of the really pathetic amount of Le Clap that I have finished so far:

And here is the beginning of the Hoover blanket:

I'm digging the whole knitting both sides at the same time- it's pretty cool.

Let's see, what's new at school- tonight was my second real night of school. So far, it kicks ass. That is the honest truth. Last night, I had my first Contracts class and the Prof was amazing. He was so laid back and pretty much the opposite of what you think of when you think Law professor. Here's the funny thing -when one of our TA's was describing him to us the other day, she said he was "the one who always thinks he's telling really funny jokes, but they aren't funny at all." When the Prof was introducing himself, he said, "I'm Prof _. I'm the one the students say thinks he's telling really funny jokes, but they aren't funny at all." I died- it was said with such a straight face that I lost it.

Tonight I had my first Civil Procedure class and the prof was pretty cool. Definitely the one to be prepared for...

People at school are making fun of my giant rolling bag! WTF??

Like I really want to carry all of that crap around. Whatever- when they get some weird form of law school bookbag scoliosis or something, they'll be wanting a sweet rolling bag too...


Overheard at work:

Person 1- I think there's something wrong with (inside) my ear. It feels really weird, like there's something in there that shouldn't be.

Person 2- It's probably just wax or something. It's probably nothing.

Person 3- But what if you get an infection in there? Do you realize how close that is to your brain? I would go to the doctor right away.

And people say that pink eye isn't deadly...


  1. 01) That's funny that people at your school were making fun of your bag. Considering that most law professors AND lawyers use something like that when they need to carry their files to court and depositions. Oh, wait, I remember now. The people who never use rolling cart/bags are the ones WHO NEVER DO ANY F*ING WORK.

    02) Le Clap is looking similar to Le Thong. Wonderful!

    03) I think the people at your workplace must also suffer from lead paint poisoning. In fact, you should send them to my firm....speaking of which, one of my staff actually has pink eye and she tried to come into work. I sent her sorry infected gummy eye home...ugh.

  2. That is so gross- some salesman came in and was shaking everyone's (not mine) hand, after which he started talking about the fact that he had pink eye. Ewww.

  3. Oh le clap eh? And your worried about doing lace??

    I answered you lace question on my blog but I will do it here as well.

    Lelah is a super simple lace pattern. If you can do increases, decreases and a yarn over then you can knit lelah!

    You should try it! I would have finished mine much faster if I weren't working on multiple projects at one time!!