Sunday, August 21, 2005

I believe you have my stapler...

what decade does your personality live in?

How I miss the 90's with its grunge, sitcoms, and democratic administration. I really have to get around to building that time machine...
I just found the CUTEST, be-all- end-all of little knitting projects: baby Ugg boots. Yes, I know, the whole Ugg thing is so last season, but dammit, I am still planning on wearing mine this year because they are so freakin' comfy. I'm sure babies can appreciate comfort over style, no? They have no problem with the whole spitting up on their cute stuff, so I'm thinking they'd be ok with it.
We have some friends that are having babies by the end of the year. I started on a Hoover blanket for the first baby that is to be born, so I'm hoping that our other friends would appreciate a little set of boots and a hat.
By the way, back to the UGG thing- I saw some very cool boots at Nordstrom the other night that were Ugg style with a knitted leg-warmer type sleeve around it. It was really cute and looked like it would only take a few hours. I tried to find a photo on the internet to post, but I think they are too new to be up on the Nordstrom site yet.

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