Saturday, August 20, 2005

First week of law school down...

and just 3-1/2 years to go. So far, everything has been cool. The one real class that I had this week had a very sweet female prof and a pretty cool TA. Next week is a different story- the Contracts teacher supposedly puts everyone's name on a different index card, shuffles them around and then picks one to call one. Apparently he doesn't take your card out of the deck once you've been called on, so it's possible for some to be called on repeatedly, while others are never called on. Everyone says he's a really cool and funny teacher, but you're so afraid of him in the beginning of the semester that you don't realize how cool he is until the week of finals.

I heard that a student was mugged right in front of school this week. I know in my head that this probably happens every single day, but it still creeped me out. Maybe I should bring some giant metal knitting needles with me for protection- either I could use them in self defense, or maybe any potential attacker will think I'm a vampire slayer/ insane and run off...

I have to post a picture of the gianormous rolling legal bag contraption that my future father in law gave me for my books and stuff. It's huge! It's really cool though because it can fit all of my stuff, my laptop, and my purse. I can't post it now though, because the camera battery is dead. Blast!

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  1. my deepest admiration! law school, damn.