Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ever wonder...

what $600 worth of textbooks looks like? Well here you go:

For my last weekend of freedom, I attended a bridal shower and had a night out in NYC. It was, as you east coasters can imagine, the hottest weekend in the history of time. It was not, however, too hot to shop in the city :)

Since I didn't make it to New York until around 7 pm, I didn't get the chance to check out that School Products yarn shop on Broadway- it will have to wait until next time. I did get to give my friend Carol her Glampyre minisweater- but I forgot to take a picture. Duh! It turned out well, if I do say so myself. I can't wait to make one for myself, along with a couple long sleeved One Skein Wonders...

Orientation starts tomorrow... still not nervous yet, but I can see it coming on like a freight train once I step inside the building. The worst part, for me anyway, is that the very first part of orientation is an hour and a half long reception for all the day and evening students. I'm not a fan of the old meet and greet- once that's over, I think I'll be fine. Wish me luck!


  1. $600.00 Sheesh!! That is amazing!

    I've been thinking of making a LS One skein wonder too. It's such a simple pattern. A couple of folks over on craftster have make LS versions.

    Good luck with school! I'm sure you don't need it!!

    Oh & do you mind if I link to your blog from mine? That way I can find you easier!

  2. you can absolutely link to me. when i get around to it, i will be making a cool button. Thanks!

    can i put yours on my page?

  3. Of course!! :)

    It really is so much easier to keep up with all my favorite people that way!

  4. I think you have the same contracts book (and maybe Civ pro) as I did- let me know if you want outlines... from an entirely different school, so they're of limited use unless you edit them over the course of the semester.
    (but they are generally outlined based on the book table of contents)

  5. Thanks Kristine! That's so nice of you. I will let you know- I think that we have "peer advisors" or something that have all of last semester's outlines, so I'm not sure what else I will need.