Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Socks and the City

I finished my very first sock!! I used a thicker yarn AND larger needles, so my sock is a little chunkier than the one in the pattern, but I think it's still pretty cool. I have to wait until tomorrow to post any pictures though, since I have to recharge the camera battery :(

I also felted the french market bag. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it- that white yarn just didn't felt up the way the brown did, and I am pretty disappointed about that. That is the last time I try to undertake any larger project without swatching both colors together first- I won't make that mistake again. I think I might just make another one-- that brown yarn really felted up beautifully and it had some real structure to it. My bag, in the words of Jess over at Fig and Plum, has a little too much schlumpf to it.

You just wait, you crappy white yarn... I will be avenged!!!

Hmm... In other news, McDonald's is looking to revamp employee uniforms. Although they don't have a designer signed yet for the makeover, they did say that the uniforms will have a more retro flair- a little bit diner, a little bit Happy Days. I would love to see them hire some crazy designer- the guys working the fryer would have retro uniforms a la Mr. Roper or managers would wear Cliff Huxtable sweaters. Now that would rock.

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