Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Since the camera is up and running today, here is a photo of my somewhat felted bag. I guess it looks ok- I'll make a final decision on its utility when I bring it on vacation next week to hold all of my knitting stuff.

I might try out that Sophie bag from Magknits next- supposedly it knits up quickly and it would be nice to try felting another item.

Here are my nerdy little ankle socks. Why are they nerdy, do you ask? I think it's because I called them my "defrag" socks to le fiancé, since I think the pattern looks like that diagram of your hard drive when you run defrag.

In world news, President Bush fell off his bike again- this time in Scotland. Someone should get this guy some training wheels...


  1. Hi there!

    Like your felted bag...and the socks!
    There is nothing like flopping around the house in a pair of comfy socks!
    Incidently..I am from Scotland, where Bush fell off his bike.
    The police here have been alarmingly heavy handed with those people trying to protest about the G8 summit here.
    Civil liberties in Scotland went out of the window this week, it`s pretty shocking.
    I am not one of the protesters, but have been watching the news reports with alarm. I thought my country was better than this.

  2. That really sucks- I'm so sorry to hear about that. I've never been overseas to Europe- what is the political climate normally like in Scotland? Is it a fairly liberal country?

  3. Lisa and Baggi6:45 PM

    I'd actually like to see President Bush on old-school roller-skates while serving me a tray of milkshakes and burgers.

    All he needs to do now is vomit on some prime minister's lap like his daddy did....

  4. Carol Riot2:38 PM

    I think bush would still need help even with training wheels. Maybe he needs a big wheel - remember big wheels? i had a straberry short cake one. Big wheels are tits.

    no big wheel for bush