Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's Pat O'Brian hot outside...

The air is so thick outside with humidity- ugh. I feel almost guilty that I've been staying inside with the AC the past week or so, instead of enjoying the remainder of the summer doing outdoorsy activities.

I just printed out the schedule for my first semester of law school- civil procedure, contracts, and legal analysis/ research. Pretty standard stuff- what is totally weird to me is that in addition to the classes, we have some kind of small group meeting a couple of times a week. I don't really know if they correspond to one particular class or not, but I guess I will find out.

Interesting phone call today- I rang the bookstore to find out when my Legal Analysis book will be available (as per the instructions in the letter I received from the school on Saturday) because we have an assignment due at the first class. This was the conversation:

Me: Hi- is the Legal Analysis text available yet?
Grouchy bookstore employee: No
Me: Do you know when it will be available?
GBE: Not off the top of my head.
Me: Can you check?
GBE: No. When we get it, it will be available.
ME: The reason I need to know the availability is because we have an assignment due the first class.
GBE: We are not responsible for that.
Me: So you have absolutely no idea when the text will be in.
GBE: No.

And then my head exploded. *Poof*

For some reason, I found this conversation hilarious. Normally I would have asked to speak to a supervisor, etc, but this time, I think I feel like calling back every single day instead just to get under this lady's skin.

I took some pictures of Tempted and Asana, which are both about 80% finished, so I will post those tomorrow.


  1. I can be your evil caller if you'd like. You know I love a good fight!

  2. That would be hilarious. You would be like the bookstore vigilante fighting for the sanity of law students city wide...

  3. lol- you think that was annoying, I actually showed up to the bookstore every day for a week and a half before my 1st semester of law school! The same guy was behind the Q desk, and would just see me and shake his head. But it was a good thing I got there the same day as the books did- some of the civ pro books were missing and some people couldn't do the damn assignments.
    Good Luck by the way! (and revise your resume NOW!- before school starts)