Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th!

I have lots of pictures to share from this weekend.

I finally finished the French market bag!! Now all that is left is the felting. I didn't have a chance to do it this weekend, as my friend Carol flew in to visit from NY. We had a relaxing weekend of shopping at every craft store in the area, drinking absurd amounts of Starbucks, and going to see our *favorite* psychiatry expert in War of the Worlds.

I also started this scarf in seed stitch from the Point Pleasant yarn I bought from Woolgathered. I had an unfortunate tangling incident on Saturday, while I was in the middle of knitting this section :) It took me about an hour to untangle my mess and wind everything back into a ball… I can't wait to wear this scarf with a black top and dark jeans.

Here is the very beginning of my first sock. I've actually done a few inches since I took this photo and am working on the heel section. It's another pattern from Hip Knits, but unlike previous patterns from that book, it seems that the authors assume you have already knit a sock. I think it would have been really helpful to have a couple of little diagrams telling you which needle would eventually become the heel or instep, etc. I guess I will figure it out, but throw me a bone people!!

Here is the skein I'm using for the socks- you can't really see how pretty the colors are from the photo because the flash washed everything out:

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