Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Still working on the French Market bag- I messed up the spacing between the decreases, so I am hoping it still comes out ok. Tonight I will move everything to DPN's and hopefully finish the base.

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In other news, the best show was on the History Channel last night- Failed Inventions. I couldn't believe some of these bizarre ideas. For example, people used to believe that X-Rays and radiation were good for your health, so a company came out with a irradiated water that would "improve your romantic life." Some guy drank over 1,400 bottles of this stuff and HIS JAW FELL OFF. Subsequently, they pulled the product from the shelves. Weird.

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  1. the military used to have an X-ray machine to find out if newly issued boots fit the recruits. The recruits would put their feet in this box, and the guy fitting shoes would look into these 2 peepholes to see if the bones in the kid's foot fit the boot. hmm... goodbye sight.