Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Snapple popsicle vs. warm day

Happy summer everyone! Ok, so I'm a day late but I had a class last night and no time to write. For those of you haven't heard the story, Union Square was flooded today- not by another water main break, but by something a little more ... fruity. A giant 25 foot tall Snapple popsicle, created to break a world record, melted as it was being lifted upright in the middle of the park.

Snapple's spokesgenius had this to say-- "My theory is that it was a combination of the heat ... and it may not have been frozen all the way through." Duh. Maybe next time they attempt a giant frozen treat, they could use something a little more appropriate, like an ice skating rink. Crazy marketers :)

PS- the best part of that story is that the yahoo news link is titled "popsicle disaster."

In other news, I just signed the contract for our wedding and it is going to rock, if I do say so myself. I really will post some photos of the site soon...

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  1. Lisa Hoang11:11 PM

    I think the funniest thought I had was the amount of vermin that would now congregrate to lick said melted sugar. Tomorrow's headlines - "NYC attack by sugar-high rats"